Our Sponsors

The Bald Builders are very fortunate as a business to work with some great brands. That said they are very selective in who they partner with. They believe it’s important the companies they partner with have the same ethos and values they do as a family business or they will not work with them. 

The boys are aware of how easy it is to switch off if things are oversold and create content for brands that is watchable and relatable.

Being a huge social brand, they are approached constantly but will only work with like minded organisations who have worked from the ground up. This way the positive energy they give out they get back. Working with likeminded people helps them grow and also gain vital knowledge to be the best they can be along the way in their own journey.

The boys were approached to be an ambassador to C-TEC back in June 2021. Brad and Sam felt being they are a family business, and had spent years grafting it mirrored a journey similar to their own, which they liked. After negotiations they signed a year’s deal. Taking up the offer to create digital content for them promoting their high-quality problem-solving products. A very exciting partnership.

The content created is humorous, educational and informational and helps show the brand in a positive light. The relationship between The Bald Builders and C-TEC is tight. 

Monthly web based content is produced for each of the 8 product ranges CTEC have on the market BT1, CT1, Multisolve, Power Grab n Bond, Superfast Plus, Miracle Seal, Super-Fast Plus, Peel Tec. All of CTECS products are made in Britain.

You can see the wide range of products on offer on their website by clicking here

Brad and Sam were approached by Pete at Roundstone Van Centre. Pete is the owner and founder of the business.

The brief given to the boys was to create fun and informative content. Whilst helping gain awareness for the used commercial vehicles they have for sale on their forecourt.

The relationship has gone from strength to strength, and as with all the sponsors Brad and Sam work with they are looked upon as part of the extended family now.